David Lynch Song

Iconic David Lynch Song Gets a Remake

Like falling in love, the process of creating art can be a mystery, even to the person writing the song or sculpting the statue. I loved interviewing the Greek singer Kid Moxie to find out the mysteries of her creative process as she and producer Michael Sternfeld, Amine Kouider, Sam Lieb, Donald Revolinski, and other Fairfield film geniuses did a remake of “Mysteries of Love,” the iconic Andrea Badalamenti score for David Lynch’s Blue Velvet.

eco-art and solastalgia

Eco-Art and Solastalgia

Last fall I traveled to New Jersey to see my friend Joy Kreves and her solo eco-art show, Translating Nature, at Rider University Art Gallery. Joy has been a transforming influence in my life since high school (I credit her with introducing me to two life-long passions—vegetarianism and Transcendental Meditation), so this trip was a…