The Ramayana: A New Retelling of Valmiki’s Ancient Epic—Complete and Comprehensive

Huffington Post
“This book is so lyrically rendered
that you won’t even notice the wisdom seeping in.”
Light of Consciousness magazine (August 2016)
“If you have not yet read the Ramayana, here is an entry into a remarkable adventure in reading and upliftment.”
Publishers Weekly
 “. . . . this new edition by two experts in meditation and Ayurvedic health is commendable for its effort; it’s a strong abridgement, striking an effective balance between retaining the poem’s structure and multiple sub-plots and reducing the poem’s intimidating original length.”
KC Star “Faith Matters” blog
“This famous Indian epic is brought back to life in this new version.”


Writing and Wellness
“How I Persevered on My Biggest, Scariest Book Project”
Big Blend Magazine
“Four Lessons I Learned from an Ancient Epic”
Enlightenment Is For Everyone
“The Hero’s Journey and Quest for Enlightenment”
     Enjoy TM
“Shy Girl Dreaming”



TM Home
“In this new masterpiece Egenes and Reddy make this  timeless story accessible to modern readers.”
 Transcendental Meditation for Women
“Creativity and Consciousness: An Interview with Author Linda Egenes”


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