This Enduring Gift

This Enduring Gift: A Flowering of Fairfield Poetry | Selected by Freddy Niagara Fonseca| Foreword by Donovan | 1st World Publishing, 2010. 76 poets who found common ground in one small prairie town.

“A poem is…it cannot be otherwise… seldom explained…it spreads its words…on a page…hovering in a white sky…” So begins world-famous singer/songwriter Donovan in his poetic foreword to This Enduring Gift.

Here’s one of my poems from This Enduring Gift, a poetry collection by 76 poets of Fairfield, Iowa

Lin’s Hammock

A garden room,
waxen white gardenia in a pot,
cool, sweet relief from summer’s heat.

A whiff of rosemary
and the
hammock suspended on a wooden frame.

I lie down and
drift into a reverie
of cloud and leaf
bird and flit
shadow sunshine sky.

Distant shouts,
children laughing,
a bicycle passing
on the path below.

and then stillness.

A sudden sadness
for the rush of life–
when all we ever wanted
was to be cradled by air.

Praise for This Enduring Gift: