Being Our Own Heroes

Being Our Own Heroes: Our Stories and Other Myths | Edited by Linda Egenes | Featuring stories by Margaret Ashelman, Dorothy M. Beal, Fern Fairibell Flesner, Harriet Glubka, Paul Godsman, Cielle Kollander, Hoshea Love, John Ong, Inez Valentine, Susan R. Wilk | 1st World Publishing, 2004

What started as a meeting of minds quickly became a melting of hearts. What did I expect at our first gathering, a continuing education class in memoir writing? I have to admit, I didn’t anticipate how deeply these writers of my parent’s age would connect to writing. In this collection of their works, you will find simple, honest stories that reveal deep truths of life. You will be sent back in time to touch the plush velvet of a special dress, smell the smoke pouring from a Model T engine, hear the winds of a prairie childhood. After so many years of accommodating others on this planet, these writers stood up to be heard, to sing the song of their Self in their authentic voices—undoubtedly the most important difficult writing skill to master. It was a privilege and an honor to be called their teacher, when they, in fact, taught me.