Linda Egenes has written over 500 articles on green and healthy living, travel and the arts for Alternative Medicine, AAA Living, Family Fun, LA Yoga and many others.

“In her regular contributions toRadish magazine, Linda Egenes writes clear, engaging prose. Readers enjoy her stories because they not only report need- to-know facts and ideas, but because Linda’s curiosity and compassion come forward, no matter what the topic. When a story idea from Linda pops up in my inbox, I get excited.” Brandy Welvaert, editor of Radish: Healthy Living from the Ground Up

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Articles Published in Enlightenment Magazine

“Creative 20-Somethings: How the TM® Technique is Helping Young Artists Launch their Careers”

“Singing with Passion and Joy: An Interview with Brenda Boozer, Metropolitan Opera Soloist”

“The Maharishi Invincible Institute of South Africa: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in One Generation”

“Saving the Disposable Ones: TM Practice Offers a New Life to the Street Children of Colombia”

“Transcendental Meditation Revisited: An Interview with Jack Forem”

“James Meredith: A Music of the Heart”

“How the TM Technique Can Help Stop Food Addiction: An Interview with Dr. Pam Peeke”

“Art, Nature, and Consciousness: A Roundtable Discussion with an Artist and His Gallerist”

“An Interview with Sharon Isbin: The Monet of Classical Guitar”

“The Quest for Enlightenment: An Interview with Craig Pearson, Ph.D’

“Four things you should know about stress: An Interview with William Stixrud, Ph.D.”

“Stress, the Brain, and Student Life: An Interview with Fred Travis, Ph.D.

“Mindy Weisel: Following Her Heart with Art”


Articles Published in the Iowa Source 

“MUM’s Sustainable Living Center: New Zero-carbon Classroom Showcases Green Living”

“MUM’s Sustainable Living Center: The Team Behind the New Zero-carbon Building”

“Francis Thicke’s Radiance Dairy: Organic Farmer Envisions a Sustainable Future for Iowa”

“Why Kids Get Sick: And How Parents Can Prevent Further Illness”

“10 Tips for Staying Cool This Summer: Beat the Heat When The Weather’s Hot”

“How to Nourish Your Emotional Heart: Heart Health for Everyone”

“Holiday Stress Management: Keep Your Good Health in this Season of Good Cheer”

“Natural Flu Remedies: Learn How to Boost the Immune System to Combat the Flu”

“Lower Cholesterol Naturally: Six Tips for a Low Cholesterol Diet Plan from Maharishi Ayurveda”

“Tom Sawyer Days: Hannibal, MO, Celebrates”

“What the Amish Can Teach Us About Green Living”

“Why Kids Love Maharishi School: A Balance of Rest and Activity Makes Children Better Students”

“How to Build a Cob House: A $7,000 Dream House Made of Earth”

“Restoring Slow Food in the Heartland”

“Deborah Madison: A Passion for Local Food”

“Recipes from Deborah Madison’s Locally Grown


Articles Published in Radish

“Intelligent Design: Sustainable Living Coalition Draws from Natures Wisdom”

“Visits with the Amish: Sustainable Farming, Living Are the Hallmarks of the Plain Life”  

 “Fairfield First: Small Town Adopts Groundbreaking Sustainability Plan” 

 “The Comfort of Cob: Fairy Tale Cottage Takes Shape from Mud and Straw” 

 “Ayurvedic Eating: A Practice from Ancient India Uses Seasonal Foods to Prevent Disease” 

 “Growing Connections: Deborah Madison on the Value of Local” 


Articles Published in AAA Living 

“Iowa Shangri-La”

“Where Time Stands Still: Embrace the Simple Way of Life with a Trip to Amish Country in Iowa, Indiana and Illinois”

“Art Land: A Scenic, Pastoral Landscape and Thriving Creative Spirit Inspire Artists and Art Lovers in these East Iowa Towns”